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Parenting Done Right by Louis CK



tell em, Louis!

"So few come and don’t go"


God damn Kanye. 

God damn is right. 

at the end of the day, so many people just don’t care

about you, about what they said, do, anything. so keep your head up, and be real with yourself. that’s the only way to reduce being hurt every single time. hurting can be a good thing. it takes experiencing the down side to appreciate the upside, so it’s okay to feel sad or let down.

but bounce back. 

because that’s the goal. with whatever we do in life, we seek happiness. we reach out to people in hopes to making out lives happier/ better. so if they don’t serve that purpose anymore, be happy that you’re not wasting more time on them.. pretty blunt and easier said, but that’s the bitter reality.. stay happy, people. get through this life without having people fuck you over. 

your emotional health deserves better 

To fall in love with the wrong person

What ever love is, it can wait.

Whenever it’s time, it will happen.

Where ever I go, he’ll find me. 

Here’s some abstract food for thought:

Life sucks. 

I know, i’m supposed to not sound so dramatic and/or naive but I don’t care; sometimes life just fucking sucks. Certain technicalities that come with inevitable decisions just take away everything we enjoy in that moment. 

Nothing is forever, no one stays in your life forever. Some who have the ability to stay in your life don’t bother or is afraid to. There’s always a catch, there’s always something wrong. People are so dishonest, even though there’s no reason to lie. People are so afraid to take a chance that they won’t even consider the flip-side. Won’t dare to let our guard down, at the chance of getting their heart broken. 

And why should they? The world is cruel and full of heart breakers. 

Everything feels like a sick joke; we’re all here to tear each other apart and try to get on top to ultimately break down ourselves. This seems so pointless, yet we’ll stop at nothing. 

This is the irony of life. 

When a random adds you on facebook


It’s like…who are you?


And if they’re some pedo/creeper/ax murderer. 


story of most of our lives…

Karma is always why


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